Learn to Python

Well since Drupal is way over my head, and might be for others out there thought I'd share a little bit about a beginner's programming class that I'm starting.

DrOOPal Dreams

Craig A. LanceI have a dream that one day Drupal will embrace OOP(Object Oriented Programming).  There!  I said it!

 Before I continue, a brief history of my programming background.  First, Bally (as in Arcade) BASIC, IBM 360 BASIC, Atari BASIC XL, Fortran, Cobol, Pascal (mainframe and Turbo), APL, Prolog, C, UniBasic (IRIS BASIC emulator), C++, Java, Perl, and PHP.  My programming paradigms grew from imperative to procedural (Pascal), with a brief diversion in functional programming, finally settling on OOP.

Languages I’ve loved would include Atari BASIC XL (for the Atari 800), Pascal, C++, and Java.

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