How Police Could've Stopped Clarisse Grime's Death

There is a disturbing front-page article in the Sunday July 22, 2012 edition of the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, Three Stops, But No One Stopped Him, about how Carlos Viveros-Colorado struck and killed 16 year old Clarisse Grime outside her high school.  While this article focuses on the fact that Carlos Viveros-Colorado has entered the United States illegally twice and should've been flagged by officers as an illegal alien, which I don't disagree, why wasn't he stopped for not having a driver's license?  Prior to this deadly accident, he's been pulled over three times in the last year by Saint Paul area officers and sited for not having a Minnesota driver's license; two of those times for speeding.  Shouldn't his car have been impounded or himself arrested by the third time?

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