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Taliban's Misogynistic Fear of Malala Yousufzai

Malala Yousufzai 10/11/2012

It takes a village to raise a child, but a gang of thugs to kill a little girl?  What kind of cowards does it take to attempt the assassination of 14 year old girl who speaks out about the right to education?  Evidently, the Taliban Islamic fundamentalist movement believes do deeply in halting the education of women that they are willing to murder a young lady with a voice.  Hypocritically, the term Taliban mean, "students".

If you follow this link to a CNN story, Girl's courage, Taliban's cowardice, and watch her video, you'll hear the passion for learning that any American parent could only dream of for their child.  In such an oppressive region of the World, she gets it.  Malala understands the power of knowledge, global communication, and freedom of speech; and regrettably, their deadly consequence.

Learn to Python

Well since Drupal is way over my head, and might be for others out there thought I'd share a little bit about a beginner's programming class that I'm starting.

An Argument To Attack Syria

President Bashar al-AssadBashar al-Assad, President of the Syrian government, has brutally bombed suburbs of Damascus (where rebel fighters are known to live) with lethal sarin gas killing approximately 1600 people, 40% of which were children.  This is an illegal attack using weapons of mass destruction.  UN (United Nations) inspectors have verified that sarin was used, and it is assumed that these bombs came in the form a missiles fired by the Syrian government.

President Obama has vowed to retaliate by striking military bases, rocket launchers, and command structures if Syria ever used gas to kill its citizens.  However, he's decided to get Congress's opinion on the matter before overriding them; that's assuming he makes the right decision, if the vote doesn't go his way.  But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

DrOOPal Dreams

Craig A. LanceI have a dream that one day Drupal will embrace OOP(Object Oriented Programming).  There!  I said it!

 Before I continue, a brief history of my programming background.  First, Bally (as in Arcade) BASIC, IBM 360 BASIC, Atari BASIC XL, Fortran, Cobol, Pascal (mainframe and Turbo), APL, Prolog, C, UniBasic (IRIS BASIC emulator), C++, Java, Perl, and PHP.  My programming paradigms grew from imperative to procedural (Pascal), with a brief diversion in functional programming, finally settling on OOP.

Languages I’ve loved would include Atari BASIC XL (for the Atari 800), Pascal, C++, and Java.

How Police Could've Stopped Clarisse Grime's Death

There is a disturbing front-page article in the Sunday July 22, 2012 edition of the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, Three Stops, But No One Stopped Him, about how Carlos Viveros-Colorado struck and killed 16 year old Clarisse Grime outside her high school.  While this article focuses on the fact that Carlos Viveros-Colorado has entered the United States illegally twice and should've been flagged by officers as an illegal alien, which I don't disagree, why wasn't he stopped for not having a driver's license?  Prior to this deadly accident, he's been pulled over three times in the last year by Saint Paul area officers and sited for not having a Minnesota driver's license; two of those times for speeding.  Shouldn't his car have been impounded or himself arrested by the third time?

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